We will uphold your trust in us by protecting and using your personal data in a responsible manner.

Every day, we continue to reimagine exchanging experiences for all the ways you live, and it's no coincidence that your personal data plays a big role in making all that happen.

We value your trust and aim to be transparent in the ways we use your data to keep creating exchanging that fits into your lives effortlessly - so you can truly live more. Read the full privacy policy for more information.

What types of Personal Data do we collect?  

We want you to understand the types of data that we collect, so you can then make the best decisions about what you share with us. Personal data is any information that relates to an identifiable individual and we may collect this information when you interact with our products or services:

★ Personal particulars (e.g. name, address, DOB)

★ Details of interactions with us (e.g. images, voice recordings, personal opinions)

★ Information obtained from mobile device with your consent.

How do we use your Personal Data?  

Your personal information allows us to create more personalised and unique exchanging experiences just for you. When you trust us with your data, it's only right that you understand how we may use it:

For General Support  

★ Verify your identity before providing our services, or responding to any of your queries, feed-back and complaints.

For Our Internal Operations  

★ Aid our research and analysis, so that we keep improving our services, products and advertising strategies.

★ Ensure that the information we have about you is up-to-date.

★ Conducting credit checks or due diligence checks to minimise risks or frauds.

★ Comply with all laws and obligations from any legal authorities.

★ Update you on changes to our products or services.

For Verification of KYC  

★Please read below here is the details of account verification:

As a financial institution we have to authenticate the user. It's helps us to improve user experience. You can verify your account with following simple step. First you have to be a registered user on our website. After registration go to account verification settings. Here you will find two option called email versification and another ask you to upload documents which is your NID, Passport or Driving Licences. you have to upload both side of your documents front and back. Back side for address verification for passport it will be address page. On behalf of account verification you have to confirm your email. Just click on resend email button you will get and email which included by our email verification link. Check your inbox. you will got an email from EMultiWay Click on the following link to verify your email. After that your account will be fully functional. Usually we takes 20 minutes to activate your account maximum 24 hours. You can ask on live chat for your account status.