Terms and Conditions

Important: Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By accessing this website and/or using the online services, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

About Thin Agreement:

1.1 This agreement explains the terms and conditions that apply when you use any online service provided by us.

1.2 When we refer to "this agreement", "the agreement" or "your agreement", we mean our Terms and Conditions Governing online Services.

1.3 This agreement will replace all previous terms and conditions relating to the provision of online services. Nothing in this agreement will supercede or vary any term set out in other terms and conditions governing our relationship with you.

1.4 By "you", "your" or "yours", we mean everyone named on your account, together, individually and includes you or your Authorised User.

1.5 By "we", "us", "our" and "ours", we mean EMultiWay including its successors and assignees.

Who Can Use Our Online Services -

2.1 This agreement governs your use and access to our online services. You will be responsible for all transactions made by you or, from our view, authorized by you, your Authorised User.

2.2 You must be over 18 and KYC needs to be verified in order to transact.

2.3 We provide e-commerce services for everyone, but freelancers can only exchange e-money through our services in Bangladesh.

3.1 We don't support any gambling or betting and don't send dollars or money of outside from Bangladesh, don’t support also any type of illegal of fraudulent frund, so if you do not accept this, you must immediately discontinue your access of this website.

3.2 No money can be transferred for any type of terrorist activity, and if the EMultiWay authority in a transaction thinks you are trying to transfer money for an illegal or terrorist activity, all the money you send will have the right to be confiscated and all your infractions will be transmitted to the Bangladesh legislature by the EMultiWay authority.

4.1 We do not provide any kind of physical (cash money) transaction.

4.2 If you pay for our services, you must pay with your own account or number, otherwise we want to verify your sender number again.

4.3 Please don't try to submit multiple orders for the same order.

4.4 If we think your transaction is unnecessary, we will refund the same number or account and may apply the fee.

5.1 Any kind of advance money is not provided.

5.2 It takes 5-30 minutes for the order to complete exchange, but we pay the best.

6.1 Don’t make any spam transaction, if do like that so your account will be blocked.

6.2 If you a mistake for your transaction, you will responsible for it! So please be carefully.

6.3 This is very sensitive, so don't rushed or press to admin for very first complete of your order.

6.4 When make a order need to provided a screenshots for proof.

7.1 If you accept and agreed with your necessary wallet of terms & conditions so you can take our online services.

8.2 You maybe pay a fee to gateways of your wallet for every transaction and that is not our fees.

8.3 But you must pay a gateway fees to purchase.

8.4 Please click hear for more information about fees.

9.1 Not possible to refund After complete the order. But refund can before the complected and may apply charge 2-5% for refunds.

9.2 Please read the refund policy for more information.

10.1 If you need any help or more payment gateway please feel free to Contact us.

If any term of this Agreement is unlawful or unenforceable under any applicable law, it will, to the extent permitted by such law, be severed from this Agreement and rendered ineffective where possible without modifying the other terms of this Agreement.